GRIPTAG® – Identification Tags

Our GRIPTAG® identification tags are designed to firmly adhere to items and to not loosen while traveling through airports, tradeshows, a trip to the beach or exposure to inclement weather. This is a very durable product that is designed for wear and tear and has superior performance to most identification tags.

This product was designed when the company founder routinely traveled for business only to have his identification tags missing at the end of his trips. The end result is product that will adhere to most materials including synthetic cloth, wood, plastic and metals.GRIPTAG® has a high visibility allowing baggage to be located easily on airport conveyor belts.

GRIPTAG® is suitable for medical equipment, sporting equipment, household items, luggage, laptops, cell phones and other electronic items.

Call To Order - 4 Pack - GripTag ® - (Black, Yellow, Red, Green) - $25 plus S&H

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