About MedCom

Personalized Drug Testing Services

Specializing over the past 15 years in drug testing methodologies for treatment centers, hospitals, probation, medical clinics and temporary agencies. We provide assistance in the development of creative means to manage their drug testing programs.
We are a volume distributor of drug testing supplies with a business model structured to provide:

  • Customer Service

  • Staff Training & Certification

  • Q&A Telephone Contact

  • Custom drug tests

My background and development of our unique training program was the result of academia teaching experience. Borrowing on five years teaching experience in the business school at Shenandoah University in Virginia, I developed a course that explains in minute detail the anatomy, purpose and outcomes of a drug test.

When it comes down to it, drug testing is much more complex than most vendors will reveal. We provide the answers to questions and thereby, simplify the buying process. Most of our customer base spans a decade or more working together to achieve the same objective in drug testing.

My business model simply stated is based on competitive pricing, timely delivery, staff training and above all “trust”.

Contact me for pricing, training or just a friendly conversation regarding your drug testing needs. You will appreciate the frankness and transfer of knowledge I will bring to your program.

John T. McEwan
Toll Free: (888) 568-0093
Phone: (407) 301-9847
Email: jtmpub@icloud.com

John T. McEwan