Admistrator/Collector Training Program

Training Skills Necessary To maintain consistency when drug testing
with an On-site product

The accuracy of drug testing is significantly reduced without proper training. If a staff member conducting drug testing doesn’t know how to accurately read and interpret results, test results will not be correct. Inaccurate testing can result in clients/offenders’ improperly receiving increased sanctions, revocation from supervision or even incarceration.

Adherence to agency’s policies and procedures – drug testing is “serious business”. It is not to be taken lightly and agencies should develop policies and procedures for drug testing in accordance with “best practices” in the field.

Integrity/consistency of the testing program – stakeholders, judges, attorneys, government officials, Boards, clients/offenders and the general public) expect integrity in all phases of business operations. We have a responsibility to “do it right”. Consistency has to do with all staff performing tests the same way and getting the same results.

Compliance with manufacturer’s directions/requirements.

Staff Morale – when staff know what they are doing and why, they feel good, secure and confident in performing their duties. There is a large degree of satisfaction in doing the job “the right way.”

Certification course requires a passing grade on a written exam.

Course Outline:

      A. Light lines on a drug test:
      B. Accurate Interpretation of urinalysis screening
      C. Cross Reactivity tables
      D. Non- Cross Reactivity tables
      E. Importance of Urine Temperature readings
      F. Adulteration of urine drug tests
      G. Understanding SAMSHA Cutoffs
      H. Signs, symptoms of drug use
      I. False positives
      J. Review of drug groups on each test strip.
      k. Uncontrollable movements of the eyes – Nystagmus

Contact for more information:

John T. McEwan, Trainer
Phone: (407) 301-9847
Toll Free (888) 568-0093