FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions/Answers On-Site Drug Tests

What best describes “On Site” urine drug kits?

It is a screen test for drugs. Although it has a high degree of accuracy, usually in the high 90’s it is not 100% accurate. A confirmation test run by an accredited lab is 100% accurate.

Cocaine (COC) has the following false positives that will cross react with the drug strip;

Cocaine (COC) has no known false positives

The concentration of a drug in the urine is expressed usually in;

Nanograms, a billionth of a gram. Written in decimal form as 0.0000000001.
The drug strips are looking for particles of drugs of this size in the urine sample.

A symptom of Marijuana (THC) use is;

Very, very red, blood shot eyes

A single line on a “on site” a test strip whether in a cup or a dip card represents a;

Presumed positive result for the drug indicated on the strip

“On Site” drug test may be read;

After 5 minutes only, the results usually cannot be relied upon after 10 minutes.

The cutoff level is;

The Nanogram concentration level that will be used to detect a drug

Products that treat Acid Reflux Disease or GERD like Protonix, may cross react with the test strip for;

THC or Marijuana

On an “on site” drug test, the THC Marijuana panel will show;

Positive for someone who has smoked marijuana (THC), not someone who has experienced second hand marijuana (THC) smoke.

The name/process used by a lab in a confirmation assay is;

GC/MS -Gas chromatography / Mass spectrometry.
LC/MS – Liquid chromatography / Mass spectrometry.
LC/MS has a larger selection of drugs that can be confirmed 100-200

Common Benzodiazepines prescriptions used for psychotropic medications, relaxation, sedation, and anxiety;

Librium, valium, Xanax

Methamphetamine can be made from pseudoephedrine found in;

Over the counter cold medicines. New laws have made it impossible to buy these products without signing for and showing proof of identity.

Heroin causes the pupil in the eye to;

When high on Heroin, the pupil in the eyes constricts or reduces in size. This is commonly referred to as “pin eyes”. When an opiate addict is in withdrawal their pupil size is just the opposite. It is dilliated or enlarged.

Two lines on a “on site” a test strip, whether in a cup or a dip card represents a;

Negative result for that drug

Cross reactivity issues identify;

Drugs that will cause positives or that will have the potential to cause a positive on a drug test.

Non Cross Reacting Compounds identify;

Drugs that will not cause a positive or negative on a drug test.

Tramadol may cause a false poasitve on the;

Buprenorphine (BUP) panel

Creatinine & Specific Gravity will be abnormaly low with the present of;

H2O or water either ingested or added direct to the urine sample.

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