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VeriCheck Machine

VeriCheck will actually read the results of the drug test, record the history and print out all records  Device is for “Forensic Use Only”

EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide)

EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) 5 Minute detection of long term alcohol use. Up to 80 hours after use. Cutoff at 500ng/ml limits false positives from hand wipes and mouth wash. Product is “Forensic Use Only”

Oratect® Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

Oratect® Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device Oratect® HM15 is the first and only on-site saliva test to be FDA cleared. Oratect® Fluid Drug Screen Methamphetamines (ME) 50ng/mL Marijuana (TH) 40ng/mL Cocaine (CO) 20ng/mL Amphetamines (AM) 50ng/mL Opiates (OP) 40ng/mL Phencylindine 10ng/mL(PC) Oratect® on-site saliva screen allows testers to obtain the rapid results they need […]